Bring It On Back

About a year (maybe 2 years) ago, I wrote a blog about farms – “No Farms No Food” was the general and simple topic. I like to think that in the time that has passed, there has been a lot of progress to bring it on back to a mainstream focus.

Of course, I live in a relatively country-like, suburban, setting and I tend to drive in areas where there are actual farms and farmland that could again be farmed even if it isn’t currently used that way.

So maybe I am just seeing it because of where I am, but – it definitely has changed.

However, that being said, I think that there has been a conscious movement to bring it on back to the area. More farms are opening than closing. Could that be true?? Maybe they are Micro Farms. Some feature special products like Organic produce, Chickens (mostly eggs) and even Alpaca. On the way to the apple orchard we visit each fall, we pass a Buffalo farm. Right there, in the middle of a country road and there is a traffic back up of people who stop to see (rather than smell) the herd. I like the idea that it is coming back to us and starting here…rather than being trucked in from 10 states away.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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