Bright Tropical Prints

Spent a short visit today to our favorite little, off the beaten path grocer, where everyone is so festive in their bright tropical prints.

It is a shame that they are just not “everywhere” in suburbia.

  • Their prices are great.
  • Their people are friendly.
  • They have beautiful flowers, even on a Monday after Easter.
  • They are not 100% perfect, besides the issue of location; they were out of fresh strawberries…it was the Monday after Easter and Passover, too, after all.
  • They did have plenty of pineapple.

That said, they are just a fun stop, with a festive, springy moods, which, no doubt are due to the bright tropical prints design of their uniform – something we needed after getting more snow, not 5-8 inches more – but still, we needed a few moments to be reminded of the sun.

~ Dawn

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