Better Late Than Never

There are a lot of times when better late then never is the best thing ever.

I won’t go into all of them, but the ones at the top of the list involve parents and family – waiting for family members.

  • Delayed return from an overseas tour of duty.
  • Waking up from recovery after surgery.
  • Coming off of a ventilator.
  • Teenagers out for the night with their friends to “celebrate”.
  • Grown children bringing their new baby “home” to visit.

I can go on, but you get the idea.

Whether an every day event, worrying about them, or the big-deal, long-term, missing them more than you’d ever thought you could- reason why they are not with you – you are happy they are home.


There are may other times when you are frustrated, but thankful to be able to utter the phrase better late than never. Welcome home to our service men and women and all of our beloveds who are finally able to return home since the impact of COVID 19 on our lives.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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