Being Unwilling

Being unwilling, is different than unable.

Unwilling is like when your parents want you to join them, but you’d just rather not.

No. That is not what I mean…

Being unable on the other hand, could mean you are incapable of making yourself do something. Something so terrible, so horrible and so intolerable that is actually against your own will, in a way that you are willing to fight for your rights..

Just like those daring, risk taking, rebellious colonists in America, 240 years ago, others continue to stand up for themselves.

Even now.

At least as recently as 240 hours ago in a city, one of the largest in the world — in a country which has been oppressive for too many years for its citizens to just sit back any longer.

There’s a difference in their dissent, but only in time and method.

People, being unwilling, is sometimes the catalyst that can lead to revolution. We shall see how all of this turns out…different this time in that the entire world is watching and, within minutes will know what has happened.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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