Be An Advocate

It is good advice to be an advocate

  • for yourself, even when you don’t “really” need it to happen (but you’d like it to happen)
  • for others, even if they won’t need your help to accomplish their goal, if it will happen more quickly with your assistance
  • for those who can’t speak for themselves, or won’t because they don’t want to rock the boat
  • for those who don’t know they are worth more than they have been told they are
  • for the businesses – the restaurants and the fitness centers – who are being told they can’t be in business, “just because”
  • for the performers who can’t perform and do what they have an unbridled passion to share with others

These last two, because I want to be clear on who I think, right now, needs our support. Not that young or old, less experienced or under-exposed to education don’t also need support – they do and we will be there for them, too. As always.

Be an advocate now, for these people who serve others in so many ways, tirelessly and with a commitment to be the best they can be – those who have, for some reason been selected to be singled out. Why? Because it is the right thing to do, even if it takes some extra effort to be one. If this is all you have done in 2020, then you have done well – and if this is all you do in 2021 it will be well worth doing. This fight is still worthy of our efforts.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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