An Organized Mind

Do you remember, way back to childhood and we were shown a video on what an organized mind looked?

Donald Duck, I think, was in the video…but I digress. What I remember most was the images of what not to be (do).

  • File drawers open.
  • Papers strewn all about.
  • Dusty floors.
  • Cobwebs in corners.
  • Topics mixed up.
  • All the things in places they ought not to be.

The reality is, for most, that we are busy. We multitask. We go from one topic to another…and then BING.

A text. An e-mail. A phone call. Then, 9 more text messages because the first one was from a group and everyone responded; some answered twice.

It becomes even more difficult to stay on task.


If we keep the desk clean. The files sorted. The e-mails, texts and even the real paper mail all in their proper place – we have a chance. Write things down on the calendar. Make lists. Cross off what you have accomplished. Even if it is just one thing. Put things away when done. Right away.

It matters.

Sometimes, the brain races and it is next to impossible to keep an organized mind…one thought popping in as soon as we start to focus. Just, remain in control; solve one thing then another. Look at your list. It isn’t as out of control as it seems. It will all come together – until you remember – tomorrow is picture day (or you are presenting to 75 people) and you have nothing new to wear.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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