An Amazing View

We all can appreciate an amazing view and the images of the city of Philadelphia today were just that. After a first time Super Bowl win, the Eagles had their day in the sun.

It was a beautiful day, crisp and cold, but shining bright and full of green.

I know that many more offices and companies closed their doors for the day. There really wasn’t much value in them being open due to the road closures, discontinued transit services after 9AM and the massive influx of Eagles fans of all ages. It wasn’t an easy call, but it was probably best.

Hindsight, 20-20. Crystal clear.

Especially after seeing and hearing what the roads were like, the view from above, live feed and friends’ photos. All colleges and schools were closed since they, too depend on public transit (such as it is) and there really wasn’t a way around other than walking in between buildings, rows of people 100+ deep and steering clear of the crowd control diverting barriers.

This game, the season, the celebration overall was quite literally an amazing view and so many of us were watching. In the end, we call them champions and in the end, we know more than ever that not all Eagles fly…but when they do, it is a sight to see.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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