Always Something New

There’s always something new

  • in life
  • in business
  • in relationships

It isn’t easy and sometimes it is out of our hands. The decisions people have had to make have not been easy. Losing faith, friends and family. This last year has been more of a challenge than many others for most. One day to the next, nothing the same – yet nothing changing either.

As we step tentatively into the new realm of the future, it is with the belief that there is good in the world, and that we can make a positive difference.

  • We must keep trying.
  • We must stay focused.
  • We must believe.

It is true that we are more alike than we are not – and – we are most definitely in this together. The only way we can come through it is to work together and to stop naming names, using labels, judging others, thinking ill of the other side (so to speak).

  • Mask. No Mask.
  • Vaccinated. Not vaccinated.
  • Believing in “The Science” or asking for more research and data – presented clearly.

Here we are and we must fight through this until the bitter end to get to the other side…But, as we probably know better than before. Normal life is rarely “normal”.

There is always something new in a life that is worth living. Let’s be open-minded and ready for the next big thing.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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