All Hands

Tomorrow, we will have an all hands kind of day.

It is the big day, the move. The thing that we have been planning for all year, all summer and all month.

We, however, took a break this weekend to witness the Solar Eclipse.

It was truly amazing. I cannot imagine the amount of planning and prep that went on to help make the day a success:

  • from a PR stand point;
  • from a solar specs supply stand point;
  • from the states and regions that had traffic monitored and directed – safely – standpoint;
  • from the hotels and restaurants that catered to all of the travelers standpoint;
  • from he camera lens filter companies who made sure that we would be able to capture the moment; and,
  • from NASA – for all of the work they did to educate people and get them excited, too.

This was a once in a lifetime event for many people – like me, maybe – who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I know they are not even close to being the same type of thing, but having a natural phenomenon – one that people used to think was magic and the gods punishing them – and having your first born leave for college…a huge moment in our lives.

Well, maybe they’re the same thing.

It doesn’t matter though.

We leave early and it will be a huge effort, all hands on deck from student services, with red hand trucks, “Orange Carts” and volunteers of the sibling variety. While I wasn’t in the “Total Eclipse Zone” my guess is that this year, there will be more people crying at freshman move in, than there were witnessing the moon obscure the sun for a few minutes.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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