After Sale

The day after sale used to be huge…it was the big thing to do on December 26th.

  • Get in line.
  • Wear your comfy shoes.
  • Get lunch with grandmother.
  • Eat a fancy salad but enjoy hot cocoa, too.
  • Fortunoff’s – Gimbal’s – Macy’s – Wannamaker’s.

(I’m sure there was a store near you if those don’t ring a bell; every city had their favorites.)

  • Get up early.
  • Go out and find great things for next year.
  • Pay 10% of what you would have spent prior to the holiday.

There were just two things would make all of your efforts for naught. One, if the theme the next year was red and ribbons, instead of gold and stars; and two, if you didn’t remember where you hid it.

The after sale is not a problem anymore; the stores just move right into Valentines Day but we have two new problems… if you don’t shop now, you may miss out entirely, which is an entirely different kind of issue, but not as stressful as having too much stuff.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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