Accidental Phrasing

Ever listen to the mobile, virtual assistant repeat back to you what you just dictated? It is the accidental phrasing, or the nuanced pauses that make it sound, well…like something else.

  • Unintended.
  • Commas needed.
  • Grammar maybe?
  • Certainly, there is a risk of a different spelling (which is actually an entirely different meaning.)
  • Not what I meant it to say.
  • Maybe not what it was supposed to sound like.

Weird, right?

So, just a friendly PSA.

Keep this in mind when you say something; or dictate for voice to text.

There is likely to be unintended, accidental phrasing and potential misinterpretation by the person reading what you said. Now, it may make more sense why communication is a complicated, nuanced, and artful skill. Spend the time crafting what you say carefully, thoughtfully and with specific intention.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS I probably need to heed my own advice.

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