A Box with Your Name On It

When you are a kid, and there is a box with your name on it, you were…

so excited,

thrilled, and

filled with anticipation.

Your birthday. Christmas. Souvenir surprises brought back from your your grandparent’s vacation. A visit from your uncle, who barely got to see you and always brought a treat – just for you.

When you are an adult…you are less excited, or perhaps even more so.

A box with your name on it, might be any number of things and not all of them are good. But, when you start planning early and that “plan” shows up on your doorstep, you are happy. Maybe, you have been waiting for days – with anticipation, excitement and the thrill of victory for having scored the last one available. When we were kids, we had ways of creating joy and we still have the capability. We just have to make it happen – for our own kids. Just be sure to hold onto it and don’t give it to them early. They can wait and so can you.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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