Your Secret Ingredient

When you want to create a unique recipe, you have to carefully select your secret ingredient.

But, then, because of labeling requirements – you have to share what it is, right there on the package.

Even though you have to share calories, carbs, and other stuff (that we would really just rather not think about when enjoying an evening out,) no one can just go out and make what you have created.

You can (and should) keep your recipe to yourself. They can try to reverse engineer it, but they don’t know where you got the space dust in the first place.

So, keep creating and make it the way you like it, because once people find out they are a fan, they will be back. Luckily, you do not have to disclose the exact amount of your secret ingredient but, if you want, you can share the story of how it came to be your inspiration.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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