You Should Start Now

When should you start doing the next big thing? When should you start the next small thing? You should start now.

No matter what it is:

  • Training for the 5K, 1/2 or full Marathon.
  • Pushups, even if you cheat at first.
  • Reading the book for next month’s book club.
  • Starting your podcast, blog or great American novel you have been thinking about forever.
  • Gardening.
  • Cleaning up for the big event.
  • Planning for college.
  • Making the decisions that will get you to your next career move.
  • Prepping for the trip that will change your life.

You know what you should do right?

Yes. You should start now. There is definitely no time like the present. Being prepared, early and thus, ahead of schedule is the best way.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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