You May As Well

Even when you think it isn’t a good idea, or you really don’t have the time, money or energy, you may as well just do it.

Time is passing whether or you do – or not – and it doesn’t take that much time.


It’s been five years.

  • Daily blogs, posted for your enjoyment.
  • Sometimes, posted as an outlet.
  • Always, just because I can do it.

Whenever it seems like there is nothing to discuss, something happens.

The world keeps moving around us and people are well, quite interesting. They do amazing things. They do crazy things. They do things that attract attention.

I take liberties to write about whatever I want, when I want, and why I choose to share thoughts. Topics and themes might be personal or professional or both, because…

  • Work isn’t necessarily your career, but your career might be work.
  • Family overlap as friends, and friends become family.
  • Clients and customers, even if they are not yours, or you are (the one.)
  • Kids and adults alike…they continue to amuse me and intrigue me.
  • Art for the sake of it, branding because sometimes, that is definitely an art.

I didn’t set out to do this for five years, I just set out to do it. It started on a vacation, just hanging out and it seemed like a good idea. A goal. Something to do.

So, here it is, all this time later…and I am away again, it was a good time for a break, and definitely worth taking the time.

I guess, thinking back to 2014, I thought “hey, you may as well” and then after a week, it became a goal. After a month, I thought it was a good idea. After a year, I just had to keep it up and years later, it is a habit. I can, because…I have support at home. If you can, you should, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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