You Know That Song

You know that song, the one on the radio?

Yea that one.

  • The one you love.
  • The one you hate.
  • The one you used to love, when it first came out, but now it is on your last nerve.
  • The one you hated the first time it came on the radio.
  • The one that you heard the other day and for some reason it has popped up in not one, but two movies you watched this weekend; which is fun and is – BONUS – exposing the kids to the Oldies. As in the Oldies from the Sixties.

(Hopefully it is the 1st thing or the last one…but for me, it is the fourth thing. I really can’t wait until that song moves off the charts.)

So, maybe, you know that song so well that you sing it involuntarily and it gets on your kids’ nerves maybe, or maybe they sing along, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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