You Can Make Anything

With enough butter, you can make anything taste better – even if you sacrifice the healthy qualities of it.

Take broccoli for instance.

In my son’s case, just take the broccoli and then leave. That would be his preference.

We went out for a truly indulgent, not good for you, fun to hang out with friends, late lunch at Cracker Barrel. We are not even traveling and it is pretty darn close to home…it was, well, a treat for my kids to eat what they want.

At the country store and restaurant, it is pretty difficult to find something on their menu that isn’t bad for you – even though they have healthier choices – they don’t make them sound nearly as good as the specialties of the house. Take Chicken n’ Dumplings or Hash Brown Casserole for just two examples; then throw in their corn chowder soup, biscuits and gravy; while you are at it, have dessert – some kind of seasonal pie, served a la mode.

Here, they take something really healthy, like broccoli and prove that if you cook it in butter long enough you can make anything taste utterly delicious and not at all good for you.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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