Worth Waiting

In every way, it was worth waiting to see this band I missed in 1990.

I’d bought tickets to see Fleetwood Mac because of the opening act – a little on again, off again punk rock band – Squeeze. After hearing Glenn Difford play the guitar tonight I get why he would have wanted to open for a big 1970s rock band. Back then I didn’t get the connection. No, not one little bit. I fell in love with Chris Tilbrook’s lyrics. I guess I didn’t hear their rock roots in the words.

Christine McVie had to cancel due to a family crisis… When it was rescheduled Squeeze couldn’t be there…and by then, I’d broken up with the guy I’d planned to go with. We went anyway and it wasn’t really all that fun…

Our seats then were 6 rows from the back wall of the Spectrum – tonight we were 6 rows from the stage. 

Some things are just so much better with anticipation and certainly worth waiting for – even if it is 25 years – and going with the right guy…who wanted to make it right.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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