Working From Home: Set Boundaries

In the series, here is the second. Working From Home: Set Boundaries…because this is home. Not work. They call it work life balance for a reason. (Or, maybe you prefer life work balance, which ever is the case…set your line in the sand and be careful not to cross it.)

Last night, I broke one of my very important rules. I worked extra long hours…way past dinner time (and then some.)

There are rules you need to set for yourself in this time of changing, every confusing, stressful Coronavirus impact.

Staying healthy means having energy to do things physically and mentally.

Stop. Did you read that?

The physical and the mental go hand in hand. If we forget that we are forgetting a huge factor that makes life better, nay…possible.

I am not a therapist or a counselor or a doctor, but this is going to be a wild ride. If we do not keep up with our mental stamina, we will suffer more.

Working up until dinner is on the table (thank you very much crock pot cooker) is normal. Working for another four hours is not. (Sure, whats another 4 hours? Keep in mind what you don’t know – we eat at 7 or 8 PM routinely…)

Burning the midnight oil is okay once in a while. This is probably not one of those times to do it.

Keeping stress low, spending real “family time” with the family you are cooped up with for the foreseeable future, is even more important.

Of course, delivering projects to clients is also critical to getting paid…so I won’t tell you not to do it. Just try not to over-do it too very often.

The fact remains, when working from home: set boundaries is a ratio you need to establish and follow. Be able to justify it for yourself and your sanity. (All of you practicing your math homework should have gotten my little joke – if you didn’t maybe you should watch your kids when they do their math enrichment studies. You know, the ones that may or may not count for their spring term grade.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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