Window With a View

We always want a window with a view, don’t we? It helps us think, create and plan.

Not boring. Not stagnant. Not the same old, same old.

At the office. Hopefully it is on the outer edge, preferably a corner. Any of them will do as long you can see the skyline, the lake or woods behind the office and not a brick wall or the alley.

At home. The kitchen, living room and bedroom. With the perfect glimpse into the backyard and your choice of sunset or sunrise (whichever you prefer.)

The seat on the side of the car that gives you the city, or a boat incoming to the harbor, or deer running in the field pacing the driver along the country road.

On the plane, maybe not – but even from the aisle seat – we look to the window with a view of the sky. Finally, the skyline, trying to guess where you are in the city as descending, and then the gate at the airport. All of this. All at once, or at least again – someday. Enjoy these times and let the day dreaming begin.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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