Who Can Tell

When it comes to guessing what someone else was thinking at the moment, who can tell (really) where their mind was.

  • Maybe they were late for work.
  • Maybe they skipped their second cup of coffee.
  • Maybe their kid went off to school, but wasn’t feeling well and might go to the nurse, too sick to make it through the day.
  • Maybe they are just in a rush, and don’t realize how rude they actually sound.
  • Maybe they were multi-tasking and that answer was meant for someone else, who had an entirely different question.
  • Maybe they are just a jerk and are generally mean to people.
  • Maybe they are a new driver and got nervous on the turnpike when the group of 6 cars merged around them at the same time.
  • Maybe this college will be the right one, at the moment, but not right in 12 months’ time.
  • Maybe we will never know the answers…

After all, who can tell what someone else has going on in side of their mind? No one. To be blunt, not even everyone can understand their own decisions. Sometimes, the mind just does what it does and we say what we say…without thinking it through. We just have to trust that once a decision has been made, it may not be able to be changed. We have to wait until we have another opportunity to make another decision. With each one, there is an opportunity to be better. Until then, what will be, will be.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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