While You’re Thinking About It

Procrastination wins because you don’t take action while you’re thinking about it.

  • You did think about it ahead of time.
    • Then, you didn’t make the call, the reservation or place the order.
  • You didn’t “schedule” to do it later.
    • Then, you forgot about it.
  • You remembered…but, you were busy.
    • Then, you forgot about it, again.
  • You had a momentary recollection and wrote it down on a note along with your list of things to do today.
    • Then, too many things happened and the list got pushed aside and…it was too late by the time you saw it later.

The deadlines are looming; they will be gone in a few days. While there are likely to be some extensions offered, there may not be options if you wait too long. So, take action while you’re thinking about it. You will only be mad at yourself if you miss out.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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