What’s The Name

Usually, at restaurants, you’re asked – what’s the name for this reservation, or the table? (You know, so we know who to call when it is ready.)

But, then, the common names.

The ones that more than one person – waiting in the lobby, or at the bar – could have.

What then?

Mitchell, table for 4.

John, party of 3.

Cassy table for 2.


Mike, party of 5.


Or, what if they pronounce the uncommon name wrong and it is mixed up. The rightful guest for that table – the next one on the list.

They got so involved, they didn’t even hear their name. But, someone else did. Now it is too late.

So, what’s the name (less than carefully) called – how do they know it is the right person for the name? Probably a risk they will take. No worries, still a win, because, they are spending more money than they had planned. Just waiting, getting a drink and maybe (depending on the estimated time for their table) an appetizer. Now, chatting it up with the people next to them. Listening in to their latest escapades at the soccer field. Sure. Definitely not a loss, just a random Saturday night. Plus, there is no where else to go now at this late hour. Just lean in, keep chatting and be ready the next time they call your name.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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