What You Do

Why do you do what you do? I asked that question to the air – posing a question that could not be answered. I asked because I was looking at all of the incredible photos, that are shared freely, by the photographers featured on Death to the Stock Photo.

  • Why do they give away their photos?
  • Why do people volunteer to rebuild a house together for a veteran or a single mom?
  • Why do you stand up at the school board meeting and fight for what you think is right – higher taxes, more services, lower taxes, closing a school or building a new one?
  • Why….?

Then I thought, why do I write this each day and share my experiences, perspective and opinions with anyone who will read this blog?

Why do something for free when you could be paid to do it? If what you do helps others, changes someone’s future, makes you feel better about the world around you, makes you feel valued for making a difference, then I think I answered my own question.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

pensive photographer

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