What is Your Dream?

It’s the end of a long week and a long election cycle. I am looking forward to each new day with everyone working together and making life a bit more positive. That is part of my every day goal…I really do try.  What is your dream?

Is it to make a difference:

  • in your work?
  • in your home?
  • with your family?
  • with your friends?
  • in your health?
  • in the efforts to stop violence?
  • is it to end war?
  • is it to stop judging other people for what they believe?
  • is it for others not to be judged for what they believe?

If someone were to ask you what is your dream? and they could actively work with you, to accomplish it… Would you be able to articulate it and ask them to help you achieve it? Let’s all think about what we really want and how we can make it happen, with our own actions, with the support of those directly around you…not relying on people who are so far removed from our daily lives that their role in change may not be able to get you what you want. I bet if you know how to say what you want…you will find someone who will help you. I have never thought that a politician could give me what I wanted…that still hasn’t changed.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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