What Has Become of Us

We don’t dress up for the theater anymore. We go shopping to Lowes on Valentine’s Day. We stay in on Friday nights. My question is: what has become of us

I don’t mean my husband and I, even though we don’t always go out on Friday nights, because, hey – we don’t. We go out on Friday for lunch, or Tuesday afternoons…we do dress up for theater (unless it is at the high school – ’cause then, we don’t – at least, not always.) Lowe’s – no, not tomorrow.

I don’t mean the young ones either, who still might dress up and would never go to Lowes – any day – or ever and they probably go out on Friday. 

I mean the general public overheard saying the above statements. Really. It’s true.

I think the answer to the question what has become of us is multi-faceted; based on random life changes. Being too busy. Being too tired. Being too used to going out to see shows or out to dinner. It’s all become too commonplace. Think of it this way… maybe, we don’t have to wait for one day a year to do something quite special…we can make everyday better than Valentine’s Day.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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