We Feed The Body

In January, even if we are on a diet and have committed to an exercise resolution, it is imperative that we feed the body. It doesn’t – and shouldn’t – stop there.

It is important to remember that our soul needs to be refilled over and over…and over again.

January is a tough month for tragedies, in our personal lives and in the communities around us. It is cold. It is still dark out. People suffer. We lose loved ones.

If you aren’t sharing a meal with somebody and exchanging personal insights, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs – we should. Having empathy for another human is so important. The winter may be bleak, but hopefully we have warm hands, warm hearts and warm food to feed the soul around every table.

Earlier this month for my book club, I chose a book that told a story, one that asked the reader to consider who they would choose to join them at dinner. Five people – living or dead.

My “list” was incomplete. Maybe because it is too long.

Of course, I had my husband on the list. Plus, my Great Grandmother – she came easily to my mind. The others, I couldn’t choose just 3 more.

Typically I like all of my family around the dinner table. That’s five of us, now. It used to be seven – but as the kids age and add activities, living their own life, sometimes it’s just four or three or two…

I’d prefer to have more.

The “more the merrier”…

I would rather pull up another chair, make room at the table and share what we have. Share what we know. What we have learned. What we think.

We should talk about what is happening in our lives, what we think of the news (sad), the latest commercial (the one trying to make a statement, but being a bit too preachy for my taste) – or to keep it simpler – just what happened today.

“So, how was your day?”

When the kids were little, they didn’t want to make a big deal of sharing, or maybe they were too hungry, or stressed about homework. We adopted somebody else’s suggestion to share “two truths and a lie” – everyone else at the table had to guess which one was the falsehood.

We don’t need to do that anymore, and they share.

We also want them to listen, it is a give and take. We want them to be authentic, letting us know what’s happening in their lives.

We want so much. Is it asking too much?

I hope not.

Of course, we feed the body, but every day we celebrate life beyond having full bellies. We are appreciative that our hearts are full, and that we have been able to share time, around the table, together…one more time.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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