Waiting for the Sun

In between thunderstorms, we spent the day waiting for the sun…and we were not disappointed.

It just would rain – without much warning – but, then become bright blue with friendly, white clouds all over again.

Taking pictures on blue sky days, ones that have white, puffy clouds are better than just a full on, endless blue day.

  • Clouds give images texture.
  • Clouds provide variations in color.
  • Clouds give you something to look at and imagine.
  • Clouds provide anticipation of the unknown.

It it nearly summer, and we have been spending the winter and spring, anticipating this weekend with hopes, dreams and wishes for a great time. We do spend hours, days, weeks and months, waiting for the sun, but when it arrives, we will be so happy, knowing it was totally worth it. Hoping you are getting geared up for a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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