Vile Vitamins

Is it really true that the vile vitamins are better for you?

The ones without coatings, sugar or colorings (color doesn’t have taste of course, unless it’s green which to me tastes grassy or young) but somehow the neutral, natural looking vitamins just seem to be worse than the pure white or orange ones.

I’m not a believer of additives, coloring or fake flavorings – even though I grew up in the era of froot loops and ring dings…my mom was a health nut. No. Really. She was. She and her healthy mom friends ran a health food coop in the church basement once a week. 

We made our own GORP, granola and yes, yogurt. We ate nutritional yeast on our popcorn instead of butter. We ate fruit not candy (well…except for moms secret stash of Twizzlers and Chunky chocolate bars. Could we blame her? No. Besides, we knew where she hid those treats!!) There were a lot of things we ate, and ate willingly, but there were some memorable “never again shall I eat this…hunger be damned.”

Kelp pasta is still not main stream today and there’s a reason. 

They – and by they, I mean the manufacturers – have figured out a way to follow Breyer’s old but tried and true marketing mantra. Cream, milk, sugar, vanilla… Voila! 

Ice cream. Simple ingredients. Really great taste. (Not as good as Haagen-Dazs but still good and less than half the price.)

The problem with the things that are made too healthy, like kelp pasta and of course, the evil, vile vitamins that taste – well, just awful – no one wants to eat them or take them regularly. No matter how good it is for you, if you’re not willing to let it pass your lips, it won’t do any good at all.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl 

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