View From Work Space

Not every view from work space can be incredible. Sometimes you have the view of:

  • a cubical
  • a brick wall
  • a concrete wall (not as nice as a brick wall)
  • a driveway
  • another window (wave at the other person)
  • a tree-lined drive
  • a lake
  • the bay
  • a city skyline
  • a farm (at sunset – yes, all day long)
  • an ocean
  • a mountain
  • a window view of the Earth – or space – depending on which way you’re facing

Your view from work space, might not be the view of working in space, but it is still worth seeing. Hopefully it includes (at least some of the day) a smiling face just across from you. (Power went out today, so my view was very different today, and so very nice as my husband moved back to work at the desk with power.) Any other day, it might be a colleague on Zoom and that is a nice thing, too – I mean – of course, unless you can work in a spaceship.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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