Two to One

In a vote of three people it doesn’t take much to be two to one for something that one person doesn’t want to happen. Yet, there it is. A small number, voting, someone is likely to be upset.

Or, cognitively (and convincingly) argue your point well enough and get the others to agree with you, see your perspective, have empathy…listen to your rationale.

In a larger grouping, this is less likely, and those who will not get what they want. They will just be a smaller percentage of dissent. Perhaps. (Actually, I am not sure, but there are probably statistical probabilities and standards of deviation that someone with more skills in Stats or Actuarial Sciences can explain or look up easily.)

In general, the math works. Majority rule is a viable method of deciding. Unless, everyone agrees ahead of time that it has to be unanimous. Which, in a larger group is even far less likely. Three (or even five) people often can’t agree on what to have for dinner…

Then again, unanimous has its failures…even in Minority Report it could be decided by a two to one vote, as long as Agatha was one of the two. So, maybe you just have to be the louder voice and hope that it isn’t a life or death decision.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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