Travel for Leftovers

Most people will not travel for leftovers. They want to come when the getting is good – everything is fresh, new and untouched by anyone else before.

That is not to say that antiques are not seen as valuable, nor that people won’t set their schedule around estate sales and home clean outs (in the right neighborhood.)

Because they are and they will.

And, they will arrive at a weekend garage sale and go through the stuff that someone didn’t need or want anymore.

However, I am thinking of the recent grad, the independent living-on-their-own but not yet embracing the”adulting” part of adult life, and your average, adorable college student. You know the one, the one who misses home and wants to be full of good food. Satisfied.

They want something that reminds them of an easier, more comfortable time.

A time when someone was taking care of them.

They don’t want cheesesteaks, cheese fries, pizza, or even Chipotle (gasp); they don’t want cereal, bagels or coffee.

They want even a simple meal that they could easily make on their own… However, these kids want mom or dad to cook it and will definitely travel for leftovers…or, they will come home for dinner and be sure to take some back to their apartment for later.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Don’t throw away or sell anything in the house until they say they don’t want it…they just might want that weird table from your great aunt that you can’t stand to look at anymore.

PPS Mom & Dad, this has nothing to do with your house. Really – it doesn’t.

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