Totally More Irish

All year long there are people who are totally more Irish than most.

They don’t even have to really look the part. Brown or red hair, blond or black, with blue, green or brown eyes, too. Short or tall, thin or not so much, it is a beautiful group of so many types of people.

Then March 17th comes around.

One of my favorite holidays, for more reasons than most.

  • Family birthdays.
  • Our ancestors, their stories and the history.
  • Music and dancing.
  • Oh, the potatoes – and all of the other delectable foods.
  • Beer…of course, just not green.
  • Then, more recently whiskey, it only took a trip to Dublin to learn that and acquire a taste for it.

Maybe I am just being sentimental and nostalgic, but that indeed was a wonderful trip. Now we have our memories and we will have to keep making some new ones while reliving all the rest.

All of that said, it is indeed true that all month long, the weekend and days leading up to St Patrick’s Day…suddenly there are people totally more Irish (at least in spirit) than one could ever imagine. To that I say, the more the merrier. Bring it on. Just one request…make the days count and be sure to wear a bit O’ green.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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