Totally Forgot…

It is easy – even with reminders, but I totally forgot. The Hat Girl Marketing Blog is (was) 8 years old yesterday.

Eight years, every day. (And a few random blogs here and there before 8/22/2014 – but every day since then.)

That’s a lot of writing.

It is also a lot of topics that probably have been revisited. More than once or twice.

I am sure not all of them were my best work, but I have kept with it – on vacation, on work trips, trips to other countries with different time zones and spotty WiFi – I am proud that it has been a labor of love, outlet and an outlook on life that I can share.

Even if not everyone agrees with me.

One of my first blogs (before the 8 year milestone) was No Farms. No Food. I still believe in that and while it may not be my every day push to improve, there is a part of me that hopes I made someone else look at local, fresh produce in a new way.

Maybe one of these days, I will be able to help you in a new way – whether it is marketing related, parenting, living life to the fullest, spending more time doing what you love to do or just being committed to something that you always wanted to do and finally decide to do it.

Mostly, I am proud, that even when I totally forgot the thing that I was going to write about (one random day, okay, on lots of random days – it happens frequently actually). Instead, I have found something else and maybe, came back to that other random idea and shared it with a new, fresh perspective that (also) spoke to you. So. Thanks for reading. I will be here tomorrow. Hope to hear from you soon.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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