Too Much, Or Not Enough

It is never the same. It is either too much, or not enough, depending on perspective.

Too much chocolate for the one who could leave it on the table, or not enough for the one who won’t touch any other dessert.

Too much experience to be paid this small sum, or not enough to know what to do to earn that same income.

Too much time and getting bored waiting, or not enough to say all of the things you want and need to say.

Too much of the outdoors for the ones who attract mosquitos and sneeze at the first hint of pollen, and not enough for the person who sits behind a desk all day, every day.

We can’t be happy either way, sometimes. Too much, or not enough – nothing “just right” somewhere in between. The ever-sought after, but rarely found; Goldilocks in the very perfect middle of everything. Extremes are good, or bad, but perhaps the middle isn’t able to be found…unless we want it to be, or if we force it to happen amongst ourselves.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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