Time to Catch Up

If the summer has already caught up with more than your share of the 10% of the population (who at any given time are on vacation) maybe it is time to catch up on what you have been missing.

  • Family, whatever you want to do…do it together.
  • Movies, there are tons, they might not be great, but there will be something gained.
  • The work you don’t love to do, but still, sadly, have to get done.
  • Spring cleaning that hasn’t yet been accomplished.
  • Cooking – you know you like it when it isn’t in a rush – make a plan, go shopping, indulge the senses (and pour an extra glass of wine later.)
  • Planting; yes, the threat of frost is over, but spring took a long time to arrive this year and you can’t wait too much longer at this point.

There is rarely a gift of free time to catch up, so when you find it, use it wisely, some for work and some for fun. It will be totally worthwhile – plus, if you do it right, you will have fresh picked salad in a week or two.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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