Throw It Out

Remember that time when we had that old carpet and we decided to throw it out the window? No bathwater, no carpet padding, just too much dust to justify taking it through the house and down 3 flights of stairs.

That was something that I thought less about than the leftovers that no one in this house will eat.

Why do we save them? Guilt? Starving children in Africa? People with less than we have? I am sure that is part of it…

Forget about the vast quantities of products that have been specifically designed and marketed for leftovers, saving uneaten dinner for tomorrow’s lunch. From the 1970s Tupperware® to the Rubbermade® of the 90’s and today’s disposable Ziploc® containers we have it all. It doesn’t really matter though does it?

Really? Think about it.

Now. Have you thought about it?

Ok. Good.

Do yourself a favor.

Throw it out.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS All of this is true, unless you are out to eat and divide your plate in half and wrap up tomorrow’s lunch before you even start your dinner.


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