Those Who Tell

Those who tell the stories, create the history. This is of course true for non-fiction, auto (and standard) biographies. But, of course, other styles of writing have their way about them…

Fiction, historical fiction, to be specific has a way of inspiring people to believe. They believe what they read. They believe that is how the people talked. They believe that is how they behaved – whether gallantly or depraved. They believe how they worked. They believe the legacy they left behind in their families.

  • How did they dress?
  • What did they eat?
  • How did they learn?
  • What did they do all day long?
  • How did they treat their peers, their elders and their children?

From journeys across the sea, to those just a short distance – or based at home – whether here or abroad, their stories are interesting. (Maybe moreso when put to film, with actors creating even more vivid depictions of the characters.)

But, the question begs to be asked.

How true is it all?

Yes, we know it is fiction, it says so on the spine.

Classifying the stories of today’s world – the words shared on social media – are more difficult. There are no ISBN digits, there is no directory. There is not a well-defined category other than being Real Life. These stories are told by the teller, the one who experienced, the one with the opinion, compelled to tell; and the voice rings true…you can even HEAR them saying the words if you know the teller well enough.

In both of these cases, we often suspend our disbelief if those who tell the story do it so well that it sounds completely plausible, real and tangible. How close to reality has the author made their tale? Only the historians know and they are not bothered by the fiction, as they are not reading that genre…or, are they?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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