Those Old Recipes

Now is the perfect time (if you haven’t been using them already for the holidays) to get out those old recipes and make a family favorite…

  • dinner
  • cookie
  • appetizer
  • snack
  • cocktail
  • cake

Make sure you use their ingredients, too. No skimping.

Pour liberally. Add the extra sugar. Use the butter (or Crisco if that is what it says) or it won’t be the same.

Many people won’t be traveling this year, unfortunately.

If that is you – you will miss those family members – who cooked, baked, mixed and shared a meal with you at Christmastime even more than usual.

Those old recipes are just part what keeps people tied to the memories; it wasn’t just the holiday event that always brought families together. It was the sharing our table, swapping stories, laughing at ourselves (or siblings…or parents.) Keep those traditions alive and always have faith, believe that next year you will be together again.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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