Those Magic Words

Trick or Treat and thank you are those magic words that make Halloween more fun for all…except the kids. (They really just want the candy, don’t they?) Really, though, they are good and they don’t have any problem saying those practiced words. Year after year.

As long as they get candy…

The people giving out candy are kind of having fun, too. Seeing the reaction. The oohs and aahs, depending on what is offered:

  • Take two.
  • Take three as the night goes on and there is far more candy than you thought you’d have left.
  • All chocolate.
  • All sour.
  • Chewy, sweet, gummy.
  • The BIG bars.

From small kids – to the big ones out on their own – they do as they have been prompted. Of course, if they forget, and they are accompanied by the parents, who (if they are like we were) are mortified that their kids are getting free candy and not saying those magic words. Happy Halloween all. It sure was a fun night.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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