The Uncertainty Lingers

Going into the last final “hurrah” of the summer with the Labor Day Holiday and still, this 2020 year of uncertainty lingers.

So many things left to do in this beautiful season. We should find a great way to celebrate.

Maybe not with a parade, or carnival, but perhaps a picnic and some games of cornhole?

Least of all on our list is the final crunch of back to school preparations. You know, that dreaded math packet, the summer reading list, writing “what did I do this summer” essays and the “surprise project” that, every once in a while, a teacher will spring on the incoming class.

Try not to work this weekend. Even though we are still about a month left in Q3 of 2020 and the end of the year just leaves a lot to be desired…you probably need a break.

Don’t worry about:

  • What advertising might work for my business to keep revenues coming in?
  • Will I be able to handle my dining-in customers when the weather is too cold to dine outside (or, too windy and rainy like these summer thunderstorms have been)?
  • How shall we approach the holiday season?
  • Will the kids actually stay on campus through their fall semester?

When the business owners and the adults don’t know what to do, the ones hardest hit, with no ability to hear comforting explanations are our kids and our pets.

Make this weekend about them. Relax. Spend time together. Hang out and chill.

In addition to that, the one thing we can do now is to try to tell them that yes, the uncertainty lingers but we are here with you, we will stay with you and we will help you as much as we can. Tell them that you love them. It is the best chance we have to help them get through this and for now, let’s just be together for the weekend…and on Tuesday, school starts!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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