The Tree Is the Gift

In some cases, I think maybe, the tree is the gift.

In warmer climates I could see decorating our favorite tree in the yard for Christmas and keeping (outside) it where nature intended it to be.

In our case, it must be indoors…in all it’s glory, with

  • the needles,
  • the piney smell (a yummy IPA to have later maybe),
  • the triggering of the allergies (totally worth it), and even,
  • the cats and dogs who want to dismantle it or sleep under it.

Under the tree is the gift of anticipation, waiting for a rebirth this season to start the year fresh, but remembering to be thankful for what we have. Family. Friendship. Love. Support. Happiness. Whether it is indoors or out, these are the things we cherish each season, each year, each Christmas. Let’s bring them all home this year.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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