The Letter D

Actually, I like this letter, the letter D. A lot. it’s my first initial. I’ve spent hours – I’ve spent days – I’ve spent eons perfecting how to write it. How to draw it. How to create that letter… and yet every spring I can’t stand to add it in between those other letters E and T.

Yes, I’m talking about Daylight Savings time and like many folks, this morning it was unnaturally hard to get up. I am impressed; however, that each of my children made it to school on time and every appointment – so far today – has been reached with at least five minutes to spare. I know that am not the only one who doesn’t appreciate Daylight Savings. Yet, they, the time keepers, have actually extended the practice of Daylight Savings Time, bringing it earlier in the spring and keeping it in effect even later in the fall.

I am certain that there are many people out there who would like us to abolish it and I don’t know why we haven’t. It is an age old practice that probably doesn’t need to be done any longer.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know that I like things to be real – I don’t like artificial things… I like ingredients to be kept to a minimum I’d rather have real sugar than Sweet’N Low.

Well, the same goes for sleep patterns.

I would like to go to sleep on my body tells me I’m tired and wake up when it is rested. Waking up an hour earlier – after forcing your kids and your own self to try to go to sleep earlier – just so that you can make up for this change in time… is very upsetting.  That now sad initial, that goes between Eastern and Time, the one that wreaks havoc on our bodies for at least three weeks – it is not natural and I don’t like it. But, I still like the letter D.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Still sunny at 4:15PM

Still sunny at 4:15PM

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