Thankful for Tomorrow

There are so many days when just 24 hours is not enough…more than once, in these last twelve months especially have I been thankful for tomorrow…another day to do what we want to do.

  • To see our family.
  • To be with friends.
  • To share what we think, believe or understand.

Sometimes, we need just a little time to sleep, recharge and reset – but that doesn’t mean we want life to pass us by any more quickly.

  • Let’s not rush. 
  • Let’s linger. 
  • Let’s savor the time we have. 
  • Let’s spend more nights talking way past our bed time. 
  • Let’s talk through a more-than-an-hour lunch. 
  • Let’s ask the waitress for a few more minutes before we decide to order – because we haven’t had a moment to look at the menu quite just yet. 
  • Let’s debate and decide yes, let’s have dessert.

I’m so very thankful for tomorrow and being granted the opportunity to have more time with you.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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