Temporary Amnesia

While I’m sure it would not actually be a good thing, having the ability to turn off your mind (and then turn it back on) might be a good skill set. My superpower? Temporary amnesia – thank you very much.

Top that Spider-Man.

Can you do better Wonder Woman?

Superman doesn’t have a chance.

Wouldn’t you love that Batman?

I am not trying to forget everything (and certainly not anyone) but having a super power – like super heroes do – might be nice.

I’m doubtful I’d prefer sticking to walls, able to climb a building but swinging over traffic would be convenient.

Making people tell the truth and having Amazon woman strength could be cool.

Being able to see through walls would just get a bit too confusing…but, flying…now, that’s interesting.

Being tricked out with gadgets and an awesome car would have its advantages!

But, being able to turn off the things that race through your mind – keeping you up, waking you too early in the AM… hmm.

Yes. Temporary amnesia seems like it would be a good thing for most of the country right now. We don’t want to forget the last 9 months of various stages and levels of lock down, but if they force it again, we will remember all too quickly how much it just plain sucks.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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