Tell Me A Story

As a kid, you probably said to your parents, grandparents or older siblings, “tell me a story“.

It was an easy request and pretty easy to fulfill.

As a kid, you didn’t know the stories, the myths, the legends and the lore. You were new and easy to impress.

Years go by and the stories may become familiar, cliche and repetitive.

That said there are always new things to learn and stories to tell. We just have to wait for the right time and the right people to share.

It is really nice when there is still interest, especially from your kids and you can sit down together. While they may not say to you “tell me a story” they still want to learn, hear the stories, the myths, the legends and the lore that they know will be part of their lives forever. Do them a favor and throw in some new topics, things they may never have heard before, the nearly forgotten, but still relevant information that they can share when they tell their story (even if sometimes they tell yours.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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