Story To Tell

It is nice having a story to tell.

That time when you were called up to participate on the Varsity team, and the rest of the team cheered you on.

How you and your best friend did something really stupid/clever/fun the last time you were together, 10 weeks ago, or 20 years ago (maybe longer…)

About your crazy pets and what kind of antics they got into when it snowed.

Wave jumping at the beach, wake rafting on the lake (not falling off first) and swimming at the pool, learning how to dive off of the 1M and then 3M board.

That amazing dinner, and the beautiful bottle of wine the supplier bought for the entire table, so very memorable even though you only had the smallest glass.

There are so many it is hard to remember the ones that are the most wonderful; they’re all fulfilling even though some evoke more laughter than others.

Yet, you can’t share them when it isn’t your story to tell. Go out, make some memories and then, make some more. It will make the next gathering that much more interesting.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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