Stepping Up To Get It Done

Our area of the state is finally going green, not in the way that you used to think of that, but still. It is a good thing. (Maybe.) What is best, is hearing staff who are stepping up to get it done. No matter what.

  • Even if it isn’t their job.
  • Even if they haven’t been asked to do it, but they see it needs to be done.
  • Even if they are not fully trained, but they can actually do it.
  • Even if the customer didn’t imply they should.
  • Even if someone else could have been called to do it instead.

I love that everything is coming together and businesses are getting back to business. Be open. Be ready. We are so ready for your services and products.

We can’t wait.

What is even better is are the people who are above and beyond, stepping up to get it done. And, yes, we know that tips are essential…we even see you smiling under that mask.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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