So Smooth

Many, many things are promoted as being so smooth as to encourage you to just sit back and enjoy them.

  • Your man’s close-shaved face
  • Cashmere
  • Babies bottoms
  • Your aunt’s cheek, offered for a kiss on family holidays
  • Velvet dresses
  • Long, sun-tanned legs peeking out from frilly, cotton skirts

Normally, a shopping cart would not fall into this category, but after today’s shopping experience, at Target no less, it should definitely be added.

This cart glided across the floor, even outside in the parking lot, it was rolling not sliding. It’s movement, so smooth, that I just wanted to shop with it all day. Maybe this is their new tactic. Maybe not. We shall see, however, if others feel the same way. Believe me, I will be asking.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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