So Nice Together

Dinner is so nice together…as often as you can, you should do it.

With family:

Whether they are the littlest of kids and you have to help them eat – or – old enough to help prepare, set the table and clean up.

Whether it is a holiday meal with extended members joining in – or – take out pizza on a Friday night.

Whether it is an every day – or – a birthday celebration.

With friends:

Whether it is a casual gathering – or – a monthly event to review the book you all committed to reading.

Whether it is a last minute catch up – or – something planned out weeks in advance.

Whether it is lunch in between a series of meetings and you need to keep going – or – the routine “let’s get out of the office” for an hour.

Friends who are family…a connection that is so nice together and although it may be more common than one would think, cherish it as long as you can.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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